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  1. Facebook (My Blog Posts) 

    1. How do I connect my blog to Facebook?
    2. Why don't my posts show up on Facebook?
    3. What is My Blog Posts?
    4. I am unable to disconnect from Facebook
  2. General question 

    1. What is RSS?
    2. Where do I find my blog?
    3. How do I add my (or somebody else's) blog on Bloglovin?
    4. Is it possible to see who is following a blog?
    5. For how long do you keep the new posts in my feed?
  3. Guides 

    1. Widget/Button Guide Blogger/Blogspot
    2. Widget/Button Guide Tumblr
    3. Widget/Button Guide Wordpress
    4. Widget/Button under blogpost Guide Blogger/Blogspot
  4. iPhone/iPad 

    1. iPhone/iPad app is crashing, what do I do?
    2. Cannot view all blogs I follow when I'm on the iPhone/iPad app
    3. I can't see the whole blogpost
    4. iPhone/iPad app crashing, even after deleting the app
    5. Updated app does not show individual blogs
  5. My account 

    1. I'm unable to log in!
    2. How do I change my email address?
    3. How do I delete my account on Bloglovin?
    4. My blog shows up on Bloglovin, but I still can't login!
    5. How can I unfollow a blog?
  6. My blog 

    1. How do I claim my blog?
    2. How do I update my blog's thumbnail?
    3. How do I change the name of my blog
    4. I'm unable to claim my blog
    5. How do I change the category of my blog?
  7. User profile 

    1. Can I upload my own profile photo without Facebook?
    2. Can I change my username?
    3. Can I sort my subscriptions into categories/groups?
    4. Can I follow blogs anonymously?
  8. All articles 

    1. How do I claim my blog?
    2. I'm unable to log in!
    3. What is RSS?
    4. I'm a member of the media. Who do I contact for more info?
    5. How do I connect my blog to Facebook?
    60 articles 

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